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Read posts about tactical teams, active-shooter training, and other topics for SWAT operators.

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ALS To Open Tactical Training Center

Site graphic courtesy of ALS.

AMTEC Less-Lethal Systems (ALS) is on track to open a tactical training center this summer in Perry, Fla., to offer less-lethal training to law enforcement, corrections, and military personnel.

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Lessons Learned from the ATF Waco Raid

Branch Davidians fired this .50-caliber Barrett rifle at ATF agents during the Waco raid. Photo...

A trio of ATF commanders have offered new details about the failed Waco raid and outlined changes within the agency since 1993, as the agency remembers its four fallen agents on the 20th anniversary.

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Recognizing Fake Cops

Photo via davidsonscott15/Flickr.

There is a criminal element that will use the veil of a police disguise to further their illegitimate activities. These fake cops will use their disguises to gain the edge against the public and law enforcement.

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Inside the FBI's Alabama Bunker Raid

FBI HRT operators (not at Alabama hostage site). Photo courtesy of FBI.

The carefully orchestrated raid that ended a hostage standoff at a survivalist's bunker in Midland City, Ala., was a SWAT tactic of last resort for the FBI's Hostage Rescue Team (HRT).

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U.S. Schools Beef Up Security

Not surprisingly, in the wake of the Connecticut mass shooting that occurred on Friday, school districts around the nation are taking a closer look at how they are securing their campuses. Here's an overview of what some districts are considering.

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Going 'Hands On' During an Entry

How well prepared you are to make entry into a structure, order subjects to the ground, and transition to hands to place handcuffs or control subjects on the ground?