Gamber-Johnson, maker of mounting solutions for equipment in fleet vehicles for public safety and other professions, has acquired Lind Electronics, maker of mobile power solutions.

“Our newest addition to the Gamber-Johnson product family has played a crucial part in our success as a device docking solution throughout the years,” the company said. “We proudly announce Lind Electronics as the newest addition to the Gamber-Johnson family of brands. We genuinely believe this is a critical addition to the product portfolio for Gamber-Johnson, knowing that each dock and cradle that leaves our facility with a premium power supply produced by Lind.”

Over the years, Gamber-Johnson and Lind have partnered on countless cradle and docking station projects while always maintaining a great partnership and relationship based on trust and professional integrity,” the company said. “This product expansion allows Gamber-Johnson to provide our customers with the best solutions in the timeliest manner, continuing to promote all our brands as the leaders in our industries.” 

Brian Wagner, Gamber-Johnson’s CEO, says he has worked with Lind for years and helped develop a strong relationship long before the acquisition. 

“We could not be more excited about this great addition to the Gamber-Johnson group of companies. Founded by Leroy Lind, Lind Electronics has a long, storied legacy of exceptional engineering and quality. Lind’s reputation and culture blend ideally with Gamber’s Rugged, Reliable and Responsive commitment. Together we will bring even more value to our customers and partners,” Wagner said.