A Maury County, TN, deputy died and “became someone’s hero” Monday, Sheriff Bucky Rowland said, after he was involved in a crash while handling traffic duty nearby road construction.

The crashed happened Monday afternoon on Highway 43 near Williamsport Pike. An SUV crashed into the back of Maury County patrol vehicle.

The crashed killed Reserve Deputy Brad Miller, 68, who had served in law enforcement for more than 19 years, WVLT reports.

Miller reportedly saved lives Monday afternoon. Rowland said three of the construction workers on site said if Miller hadn’t been positioned where he was, they would not have made it.

Rowland said Miller worked at General Motors before his time at the Maury County Sheriff’s Department. Miller was a proud husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. He and his wife were just a few months away from their 50th wedding anniversary, Rowland said.