A Milwaukee couple says they have been swatted six times in the last two years as people keep calling in false 911 calls about their address.

According to FOX6 and iHeart Radio, Patrick Tomlinson and Niki Robinson attribute the reoccurring incident to cyberstalking about an innocuous comment on Twitter a few years ago.

"Back in September of 2018, I tweeted I never personally found Norm MacDonald to be funny," Tomlinson said. After the tweet, strangers on the internet who opposed his opinions began to harass him.

MacDonald died from cancer in 2021.

"The Milwaukee Police Department takes the safety of all our community members very seriously. Swatting is unacceptable, illegal and potentially very dangerous behavior, as it can lead to a very dynamic situation, placing both the residents involved and our officers at risk. Out of an abundance of caution, MPD has a duty to respond to calls for service in order to ensure that no one is in danger and that the necessary precautions are taken into consideration during these incidents," the statement read.