Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown says the city’s police are cracking down on drag racing and street takeovers after a weekend that saw plenty of both impact several locations around the city.

"People think this is fun behavior, said Brown. "What we need to do is make this a very serious criminal offense."

On Saturday around 2:30 a.m., screeching tires and cheering crowds woke up downtown residents near Columbus and Wacker. Hundreds of people blocked the intersection, as one of several so-called "street takeovers" was quickly organized via social media, Fox 32 reports.

At least one of the street takeovers near McCormick Place turned violent, with participants throwing bricks and bottles at police cars and smashing windows.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot acknowledged Monday that organizers have been difficult to track down on social media. The fact that people can advertise such dangerous activities on social media without any consequences is an "absolute abomination," she said, calling on the federal government to intervene.

Chicago officers have impounded cars at street racing events. Owners have to pay a fine of $10,000 to get the cars back.