After a Phoenix man had his entire set of golf clubs stolen, five days later he was surprised when police officers returned to his home and gifted him a replacement set.

Body-worn video released by the Phoenix Police Department shows an officer talking to the man following the theft and asking about the set of stolen clubs, what brand, and which clubs were in the set. He also took time to ask the man his height, something that the officer needed to help find the correct length of clubs.

Later officers returned to the man’s home and the video shows one officer knocking on the door while hiding a set of golf clubs behind his back. When the victim came to the door, first the officer told him they were unable to find his stolen clubs.

Then the officer revealed why he was there.

“That’s a complete set, including a putter,” the officer tells the man as he hands him the replacement set of clubs. “Sorry to see that happen, I know what it feels like. See you later on okay, have a great day.”