In 2017 a gunman killed three people at a Licking County, OH, nusing home, including the Kirkersville police chief Steven Eric DiSario. The chief's father flies a Blue Line Flag on his home to honor his son's sacrifice.

But this week, which is National Police Week, he received a letter from his homeowners’ association telling him to take the flag down. And he had to call the county sheriff after a man not affiliated with the homeowners’ group walked onto his property and tried to remove it, WCMH reports.

“It’s been flying since the 12th of May 2017,” said Thomas DiSario, giving the date his son died. “The only time it comes down [is] if it’s worn out and I buy a new one and put it back up.”

The original flag was a gift from law enforcement colleagues of fallen Chief DiSario.

On Monday, Thomas DiSario received a letter from the Omni Community Association Managers that said the Thin Blue Line flag had to be removed under association rules.

The HOA tells WCMH they received a complaint about the flag.

So far, DiSario’s flag continues to fly outside his home.