A suspect fleeing a traffic stop on Interstate 65 in Tennessee injured two Franklin officers Sunday morning.

Franklin Officer Dustyn Stevens is recovering after police say the suspect ran over his legs. Assisting Franklin Officer Matt Lamarr was also dragged along by the suspect's vehicle and is recovering from injuries, Fox17 reports.

According to police, the incident began when Officer Stevens made a traffic stop and asked 26-year-old Roy Nicholson to step out of his car after seeing a gun in the vehicle and smelling marijuana. Once outside the car, Nicholson began actively resisting the officer, escaped the grasp of Officer Stevens, and fled in his vehicle, police say.

The officers were not only in danger of being run over from the fleeing vehicle, but they were at risk of being killed by cars moving at interstate speed on I-65.

“It could’ve run over his chest, his head, all of these different vital organs, so the fact that it ran over his legs, and they weren’t broken, is really miraculous,” Franklin Police Department’s Lt. Charlie Warner said.