San Diego Police have released body camera footage following an officer-involved shooting during a hostage incident Saturday morning.

Officers were called to the home in response to a man breaking in, ABC10 reports.

“Hearing screams from inside the residence, officers forced entry and confronted the suspect,” police said. “Ignoring officers’ commands to surrender, the suspect took the victim hostage at gunpoint and forced her into another bedroom.”

During the incident, the suspect reportedly “exposed himself and sexually battered the homeowner multiple times.”

“Shortly after that, an officer, who had climbed onto on a nearby rooftop, used a rifle to fire multiple rounds at the suspect through a window,” police added. “The suspect was not struck by the rounds.”

In response to the rifle rounds being fired, the suspect dropped to the floor, threw the gun away, and was taken into custody, according to police. The homeowner and her father were both safely rescued.

Police identified the suspect as Demetrius Trussell, 40. He was booked on charges including hot prowl burglary, kidnapping, false imprisonment with a hostage, negligent discharge of a firearm, possession of a stolen vehicle, indecent exposure, assault with the intent to commit a sex crime, sexual battery, multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and a parole hold.