About 400 used bullet-resistant vests that were collected for donation to people in Ukraine from law enforcement agencies have been stolen in New York City, according to Fox News.

The vests were removed from a building in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan sometime overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday, the New York Post reported.

"It is despicable that someone would break into a building to steal supplies and materials intended to aid those affected by this humanitarian crisis," Vicki DiStefano, a spokeswoman for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, which made a large donation of vests last week, told WABC-TV of New York City.

Security-camera footage from a next-door business showed three vans pulling up outside the building, one after another, with men in hoods calmly and casually carrying out boxes believed to be containing the vests and loading them into the vehicles, then driving away, WNBC-TV of New York City reported.

The vests were intended to be sent to medical workers and humanitarian aid volunteers in Ukraine.