The National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame has announced that Sheriff Mark Lamb of the Pinal Co., Arizona Sheriff’s Office will serve as emcee for the 2022 Induction Ceremony on March 24 in the Toledo suburb of Maumee, OH.

Sheriff Lamb is a frequent media guest and sought-after public speaker known for his no nonsense approach to fighting crime and maintaining a dedication to protecting every American’s right to live without fear of criminal victimization. Nicknamed the “American Sheriff,” Lamb has gained national prominence as one of the nation’s most outspoken and fervent supporters of law enforcement while actively overseeing the protection of Arizona’s third most populous counties.

“Sheriff Lamb embodies the true spirt of law enforcement,” said Megan Stockburger, co-founder of the Hall of Fame. “It could not be more fitting to have him so prominently involved in this important event. The National LEO Hall of Fame was created to spotlight officers who represent the best in service, valor, courage and duty—law enforcement professionals like Sheriff Lamb. Now more than ever, our nation needs to be reminded of the incredible work law enforcement officers are doing to keep our communities safe. Sheriff Lamb will help us make that clear.”

Stockburger’s co-founder, Adam Davenport, added, “We need to acknowledge and support these men and women and to remind them that the negative clamor we hear against police is not coming from the majority of citizens. This year’s inductees, as with previous years, represent the best of this country,” Davenport continued. “We owe them a huge debt of gratitude for standing the line between good and evil on our behalf.”

In 2019, Calibre Press, a renowned law enforcement training organization that has trained more than 1 million law enforcement professionals over its more than 40-year history, partnered with the Hall of Fame to raise national awareness of the organization’s efforts. “We could not have been more supportive of and impressed by Megan and Adam’s work. It became immediately evident to our entire team that their mission fell squarely in line with ours and we needed to help further that in any way we can,” said Calibre’s CEO Scott Buhrmaster. “Sheriff Lamb’s unwavering commitment to boldly confronting criminal activity and protecting the citizens of his community as well as the nation serve as an inspiration for other law enforcement professionals and every citizen who believes in law and order. We’re deeply grateful to him for supporting our mission by hosting this year’s event.”

The 2022 Inauguration Dinner will be held on March 24 from 5:30 pm to 9 pm Eastern at The Pinnacle just outside of Toledo. All are welcome to attend. For information on tickets, sponsorship opportunities and upcoming nomination opportunities, go to www.nationalleohalloffame.com or contact Megan Stockburger at: (419) 509-3085, [email protected]