Almost every day Linda Pearson would walk her dog, always taking time to check in on her neighbors.

Dallas police said she was struck by a black Chevy Impala racing a yellow Chevy Camaro down Ferguson Road last Friday afternoon. Both drivers left the scene. Pearson and her dog did not survive, CBS DFW reports.

This week, Councilwoman Paula Blackmon hosted a virtual community meeting to address this city wide problem, inviting Police Chief Eddie Garcia.

Garcia said that — in the last year — the Street Racing Task Force has answered 8,300 calls, issued more than 7,000 citations and made more than 1,000 misdemeanor and 200 felony arrests. 1,000+ vehicles have been towed.

He now wants to see more public education on the dangers of street racing, legislation that will help deter it and the engineering of city roads to make them less attractive to street racers.