Commissioner Dermot Shea announced this week that the NYPD is initiating a recruitment campaign to attract applicants for the upcoming police officer exam. The department’s goal in hiring is to continue attracting a diverse pool of candidates seeking a career of public service within the nation’s largest municipal police department.

This effort is part of the department’s continuing goal to attract candidates interested in serving the city. The filing period is from October 6 through November 3. To sign up, simply click on the website The new exam will be given beginning on December 15. There is no fee to take the exam.

“Our NYPD officers take an oath to protect and serve their fellow citizens,” said Police Commissioner Dermot Shea. “Everyone who joins the department can find their own path to success within it. They can become a crime scene investigator, a helicopter pilot, a neighborhood coordination officer or a detective who works tirelessly to gain justice for victims. Your contributions will help us build on the work we’ve done to strengthen our bonds with the communities we serve.”

"The department continues to build on its achievements. The NYPD is reforming and reinventing policing in New York – a job begun more than seven years ago. Going forward, the department would like those seeking a career in public service to consider joining us.

"The department continues to need people who, under their blue uniforms, represent the communities they come from – people who are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters and neighbors. We want to ensure the NYPD looks like New York City. Our relationships with those we serve is the foundation of our vision for our department and for the policing profession. Joining the NYPD is a way to make a difference, to be a part of our important commitment to continuous improvement," NYPD said in a statement.