Former Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy told Fox News that he believes a new CPD policy led to Officer Ella French being killed with her duty pistol still in its holster.

"That’s probably the result of a policy that was put in place for every time you draw your weapon, you have to do a report about it," he said. "Policing is entirely under attack, and that’s why we have a 100% increase in the murder rate."

McCarthy also discussed the controversy over how Officer French's ceremonial rites as her body left the hospital were handled by a police leader.

We’re not waiting on the bagpipes" because "we don’t have 20 minutes for this s---," Chicago First Deputy Police Supt. Eric Carter, the department's second in command, reportedly told officers who were conducting the Saturday night sendoff for French, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

"It’s so important, the sacred nature of rituals, certainly within policing," McCarthy said. "If there’s an excuse for what happened, then maybe, you know, Eric should talk about it publicly himself. … I think it’s all damage control at this point."