Toledo police officers are seen racing towards gunfire in body camera video released by the department late last week. 

The footage shows officers responding to a deadly mass shooting at a block party celebrating the Fourth of July in central Toledo.

A dozen people were shot in the incident during the early hours of July 5. One was killed. 

Shortly after the two officers arrive on Lawrence Avenue, gunfire erupts. They hop out of their vehicle and race towards the direction of the gunshots as people are running away. The officers are heard telling people to get down and to take cover behind vehicles, WTOL reports.

One officer can be heard speaking into the radio: "We've got multiple shooters everywhere."

People are heard yelling to the officers that others have been shot. The rest of the video shows the officers continuing to close the distance between them and the gunfire.

Toledo Police Chief George Kral said approximately 80 rounds were fired from multiple firearms and none of his officers, around 70 who responded, fired their guns nor returned fire.

Toledo police have made no arrests and don't have any suspects at this time. 

People who were at the party still are not cooperating with investigators.