Two Charles County (MD) Sheriff's deputies were in good condition Tuesday despite being shot multiple times a day earlier while responding to a domestic disturbance call involving a man wanted for a probation violation on an assault charge, a spokeswoman said. The shooter was found dead hours later.

The Charles County sheriff's deputies were stable and in good condition "thanks to a bulletproof vest, the officers who were able to get them out of the situation and good doctors and nurses," spokeswoman Diane Richardson told WBAL.

Sheriff Troy Berry said the deputies responded to the home for a man wanted on a warrant for an assault case. He said it was the man’s family who alerted the deputies the man was at home saying the he had mental health issues, Fox DC reports.

Additional deputies were dispatched because there were concerns about the man’s mental condition and the danger he might pose, Spokeswoman Richardson said. He was said to be experiencing a "mental health episode," she said, citing the caller.

The family member let the deputies inside, and as they began going upstairs, the suspect came out of a room and opened fire, Richardson said. Two deputies were shot multiple times, but managed to get out of the house and were flown to a hospital for treatment.

The man then barricaded himself inside the home and deputies were not able to make contact with him, Sheriff Troy Berry told reporters at a briefing Monday evening. Eventually, they used a drone to determine that the man was dead, Richardson said later.