Rioters rampaging in the streets of Portland New Year's Eve threw firebombs at police and wrecked businesses with spray paint, fire, and by breaking windows New Year's Eve.

In a press conference the next day, Mayor Ted Wheeler promised the public that he would crack down on Antifa and anarchists that have rioted in the city many nights since late May, KOIN reports.

“Why would a group of largely white, young and some middle age men destroy the livelihood of others who are struggling to get by?” Wheeler asked.

Wheeler said he’s been in contact with Multnomah County DA Mike Schmidt and wants more prosecutions and everyone held accountable. And Wheeler also said it’s time to use additional tools to end this violence.

Wheeler said he is committing to 3 things:

* “Federal, state, county and local law enforcement to convene to deal with anarchist violence. as soon as possible,” even next week.

* Calling on state legislature to increase penalties for repeat offenders

* “I believe people convicted of criminal destruction be required to meet with those whose businesses they damaged,” Wheeler said, “and be required to do public service.”