In an effort to bridge an anticipated $675 million budget shortfall in this year’s budget, Los Angeles city officials are contemplating cost-cutting measures that may lead to many layoffs, including the elimination of more than 1,600 filled positions in the Los Angeles Police Department, including 951 sworn officers.

In the latest quarter financial report released Friday, the city’s top budget advisers said that in order to achieve an across-the-board 3% budget reduction, layoffs are needed. Under a scenario now being explored by officials, 1,894 filled positions would be eliminated to save about $45 million.

The report said that the LAPD cuts would bring the sworn police force down to 8,800, which matches 2002 levels, the Daily News reports.

The cuts to sworn positions could lead to the closing of police stations, the report said, as well as specialized patrols for human trafficking, cannabis enforcement, A Bridge Home shelters, alcohol sales and traffic patrols.