A top NYPD official targeted the justice system in New York City on Tuesday for allowing too many people arrested for gun possession in the borough of Brooklyn to walk out of court without bail set in their cases.

According to the Daily News, NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan said in a video posted on Twitter, "In Brooklyn, 78.3% of all gun arrests received release on own recognizance. When we compare that to the rest of the city, compare it to the Bronx, only 52% have received a released on own recognizance and in Manhattan only 40.9% did."

Monahan said further, "So that's a problem when most of the gun arrests are being made in Brooklyn but those who are arrested are right back on the street with no bail set."

A spokesperson for the Brooklyn DA's Office told that standard protocol is to ask for bail on illegal gun possession cases.

However, amid the current coronavirus pandemic, that procedure has apparently been relaxed, much to the chagrin of Monahan, who noted that shootings have risen across the city, especially in Brooklyn.