Officer Justin Putnam (Photo: San Marcos PD) -

Officer Justin Putnam (Photo: San Marcos PD)

The younger brother of Officer Justin Putnam of the San Marcos (TX) Police Department—who was shot and killed in the line of duty when he and other officers responded to a domestic assault incident at an apartment complex last week—posted a heartfelt and moving tribute on social media.

Blair Putnam posted on his Facebook page, "Oh JPut, where do I begin? It was the call I always thought about but never dreamed of receiving while living so far away. My heart immediately shattered into a million pieces. I was supposed to be your Best Man in seven months. I was going to watch you marry the perfect woman who I've been best friends with for the past ten years. This isn't how it was supposed to go.

The social media post continued, "I work through processing this I'm reminded of how much of a bad ass big brother you were. Given, you gave me my fair share of [sh!t] when we were little. But as we got older and you snuck me into your college parties— telling people I was 18 and a freshman when I was actually 16 and looked 12— we began to love each other unconditionally."

The post continued, "We learned the important role a brother plays in ones life— someone who is family but also your best friend. Someone who you can openly tell all of your sh!t to and know they’ll understand and, more importantly, not tell your parents. We'd crush Bud Lights while you'd tell me stories about your crazy chases…"

Blair Putnam said further, "We'd laugh and then throw a few more back."

The Facebook post concluded, "I will forever be your Best Man. You will forever be mine. Our bond cannot and will not be broken. When I need to chat, I'll crack open a cold one and think about you. I know you’ll continue to guide me and shoot the [sh!t].