An officer with the Mooresville (IN) Police Department is being credited with going beyond the call to do a good deed for a man who was "down on his luck" earlier this week.

According to Fox News, Lieutenant Randy Rogers responded to a call of a man walking beside a road in that jurisdiction who appeared to be in some manner of distress. 

Lieutenant Rogers stopped his patrol vehicle to check on the man's welfare.

"He had some identification on him," Rogers told the news station. He ran his information and "made sure he wasn't a wanted person or anything like that," Rogers said.

Lieutenant Rogers then learned that the man was homeless and was attempting to travel to Florida to be with family and had not eaten in quite some time.

It was then that Lieutenant Rogers went above and beyond the call for service, taking the man to a local hamburger restaurant and buying him a hot meal.

The incident was recorded on video. The Mooresville Police Department posted the kind act on its Facebook page, which has now received more than a thousand likes and hundreds of comments.

The post concluded, "Officers with the Mooresville Police Department do these things all the time. Going above the call of duty is what makes our officers special!"