Vandals knocked over a statue of a police officer and left it in pieces at a 9/11 memorial in Plymouth, MA, on Sunday. Two lamp lights on posts on either side of the parking lot next to the memorial were also on the ground, reports the Providence Journal.

This comes a week after multiple area landmarks were vandalized with graffiti. Much of the graffiti was smears of paint and indecipherable, Plymouth Police Chief Michael Botieri said last week, but several of the landmarks were tagged with the numbers and letters "508 MOF." The graffiti at Forefathers Monument included obscene messages, one aimed at local police. It is not known if the graffiti last week and smashed police figure at the Sept. 11 memorial Sunday are related.

The memorial consists of seven black granite blocks etched with the names of victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks and a 2,000-pound steel I-beam from the World Trade Center in New York City. The approximately 3-foot-tall police figure was knocked over next to the steel beam. A nearby figure of a firefighter was untouched.

This newly damaged police statue had replaced the original statue when it was vandalized years ago, reports WCVB.