ECCO Safety Group (ESG), which includes the Code 3 brand that manufactures lighting and safety solutions for emergency vehicles, has announced the official market launch of the Connected Safety Solution powered by the HAAS Alert Safety Cloud.

"HAAS Alert’s collision prevention technology paired with Code 3’s lineup of reliable lighting and safety solutions–including its flagship Matrix system–sends digital alerts that warn drivers of nearby public safety vehicles responding to an emergency. Drivers are notified through the Waze app on their mobile devices, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or compatible vehicle infotainment systems," the company says.

 On Tuesday, October 22 (four days prior to the 2019 International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference in Chicago), Code 3 and HAAS Alert will host a live webinar to introduce the new safety technology to public safety agencies across the United States. This webinar will demonstrate how Code 3’s emergency lighting systems integrated with HAAS Alert’s Safety Cloud reduce collisions between motorists and first responders.

"Today, lights and sirens alone are not enough to get the attention of distracted drivers. With innovation in mobile and cloud technology, motorists now have enhanced capabilities to receive advanced warnings and urgent road hazard information. Code 3 and HAAS Alert are committed to saving lives and minimizing risk during the most critical situations that drivers face daily," the company says.

Doug Phillips, president and CEO of ESG, said “Code 3 is all about innovating safety solutions for our first responders. By adding HAAS Alert collision prevention technology to our market-leading vehicle lighting solutions, Code 3 customers and civilians using the Waze app will have an extended layer of safety and security.”

Co-founder and CEO of HAAS Alert Cory Hohs believes Code 3 is a vital partner in his mission to improve drivers’ situational awareness. He emphasized, “The number of first responder fatalities and injuries in 2019 due to collisions with other vehicles is alarming and shows no signs of slowing down. As a company committed to making our roads safer for everyone, we are excited to work with an innovator like Code 3 to bring HAAS Alert’s digital safety service to more emergency response and fleet vehicles.”