An officer with the Manchester (NH) Police Department had arrested the same man on numerous occasions with charges including drunk and disorderly conduct and second-degree assault.

According to NECN-TV, Officer Justin Maguire had taken Mark Yphantis into custody at least four times before deciding that he could use a different tactic to get the man back on track and living a sober life.

Maguire learned that he and Yphantis share a love of golf, and told the man that if he got sober, he'd take him out to play a round.

Yphantis has now been sober for four months, and Maguire not only got him a gift certificate for ten rounds at a local country club, he got him a new bag of clubs.

"At that point in my life, what he did for me, it gave me a chance, it gave me wings to fly again," Yphantis said. "I realize that and I cherish that every single day."