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A hungry five-year-old boy in Michigan did the only thing he knew how to do with a mobile phone—he dialed 911.

According to USA Today, a call taker in Wyoming, Michigan—a suburb of Grand Rapids—heard the boy's request, "Can you bring me McDonald's?"

Dispatcher Sara Kuberski said she couldn't make any such delivery, but contacted Officer Dan Patterson, who was on regular patrol.

Patterson responded by swinging by the local fast-food restaurant before going to the boy's home to conduct a welfare check.

Patterson knocked on the front door of the residence, but no one initially answered. He knocked again, and Iziah's grandmother—who was asleep when the boy called—answered the door.

The boy told Patterson, "My grandma's gonna' be so mad—can you please go away?"

Patterson then reportedly gave the boy the food with the grandmother's permission and taught the boy how and when to properly use the 911 system.