Blackhawk announced this week that it had developed a new duty holster, the T-Series.

The company says the T-Series is the next evolution of its Master Grip Principle for duty holsters with retention features. "The Master Grip Principle provides a critical benefit for users because it compliments intuition; the user will never have to re-learn how to use their equipment. As the user naturally reaches down to draw from the holster their hand lands exactly where it should to deploy their sidearm. With its streamlined thumb-activated retention, the T-Series keeps your firearm at the ready while maintaining total security," the company says.

According to Blackhawk, the low-friction, dual-density internal material makes for a smooth and effortless draw while the exterior provides high-durability with a proprietary glass reinforced nylon and soft touch polymer liner. This durable material provides protection with a sleek design for minimal bulk.

The T-Series duty holster is available in Level 2 or Level 3 configurations. There are plans to release compact, light-bearing, and RMR compatible versions.