In the first three months of 2019, 16 Illinois State Police troopers have been hit along Illinois highways, with three of them dying.

Many of these collisions wouldn’t have occurred if the offending drivers had observed Illinois' Scott’s Law, which mandates that when approaching police or other emergency vehicles stopped along the road, motorists must reduce their speed, proceed with caution and, if possible, change lanes, the State Journal-Register reports.

Lucy Kuelper, 12, of Rio, located north of Galesburg, is trying to remind motorists of the importance of the law. At a time when signs on Illinois highways are reading “Enough is enough,” Kuelper has her own slogan: #MoveOver.

The Move Over Project, a Facebook page and viral social media project Kuelper started on Friday has quickly grown into something of a sensation. Kuelper, the daughter of Trooper John Kuelper, has seen her page balloon to more than 14,000 “likes” by seeking to raise awareness and adherence of move over laws, or Scott’s Law, as it is called in Illinois.