- Flitz


Flitz, maker of cleaners, polishes, and sealants, has introduced a new Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner for both guns and knives.

The cleaner is designed to quickly and easily remove fingerprints, oil, grease, water spots, soil, unwanted waxy residue, carbon, and other impurities from flat matte finishes on guns and knives.

"There's a reason why officers have a flat finish on their guns and knives and that's because they like the flat finish and they want to maintain that finish," says Flitz. "Finally, there is a product specifically made to clean and maintain that finish."

Flitz says its new Tactical Matte Finish Cleaner is safe on flat/matte finishes, Parkerized finishes, tactical finishes, gun wraps, and brushed or polished stainless steel. The company says its new product will not leave a shine, and it restores surfaces back to matte.

For more information go to www.flitz.com.