The Nebraska State Patrol is transitioning from a .45 caliber handgun to a 9mm handgun.

Previously officers were issued .45 caliber Glock handguns. This most recent evaluation kept the Glocks, but changed the calibers.

When evaluating the different calibers, the agency's firearms selection committee found newer 9mm rounds had comparable ballistics to .45s, but the smaller caliber allows each trooper to carry more ammunition, NTV reports.

The newer Glocks also have adjustable grips for a more comfortable shooting experience.

"By going to the 9mm, we have a weapon that has less recoil, it has more ammunition or rounds available to it. It also starts out with a smaller grip size and has a modular grip size system too, so in a nutshell we can better fit the firearm to each individual shooter so it fits them better," said Sgt. Paul Hagen.

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