A recovering drug addict says that an officer with the San Francisco Police Department who arrested him several times eventually saved his life.

According to KRON-TV, Thomas Wolf reportedly grew addicted to pain medication after undergoing surgery, then eventually turned to heroin. He lost his job, was estranged from his family, and wound up running afoul of the law.

Officer Rob Gilson was called on numerous occasions to take him into custody for one reason or another, and when Wolf's brother bailed him out one last time he said it was on the condition that he get treatment for his addiction.

He did so, and now says that he believes Gilson is the reason he's alive today.

"I'm really happy to have a second chance of my life and I'm definitely gonna make the most of it again," Wolf said. "I wouldn't be here for wasn't for officer Gilson. I owe him my life."