Security Devices International (SDI) is a defense technology company specializing in the development of innovative next generation non-lethal 40mm ammunition. SDI’s Family of Blunt Impact Projectiles (BIP) is designed for law enforcement, military, peacekeeping, homeland security, correctional services, and private sector security. They are ideal for crowd control scenarios and can adapt to any 40mm caliber standard issue weapons and grenade launchers.

SDI’s patented rounds have been developed for accuracy at longer ranges in order to ensure the greater safety of the user. They provide an effective means of incapacitating subjects without causing lethal injury. This is due to the unique design of the BIP that uses an innovative collapsible head to mitigate kinetic energy, thus making it highly effective even at a very close range. SDI non-lethal weapons are a safer and more accurate alternative to previous solutions such as 12-gauge stabilizer rounds, 37/40mm rubber bullets, wooden batons, 40 mm rubber ball canisters, and bean bags, according to the company.

SDI now offers more efficient alternatives to these non-lethal weapons (NLW) used for crowd and riot control. SDI develops and markets payload delivery variants of its ammunition that can be adapted to contain liquid and gas agents. SDI’s NLW payloads can also carry liquid and powdered marker rounds to identify organizers and agitators of riots and unlawful assemblies.

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