Vypin LLC has announced its latest Internet of Things (IoT) solution: the SafeTstrap, a wireless firearm sensing system designed to provides hands-free firearm security, inventory, and chain of custody (CoC). Like a gun lock, SafeTstrap prevents rounds from being chambered, cylinders from moving, or magazines from loading. However, SafeTstrap is far different than traditional gun locks, according to the company.

SafeTstrap sends out a long range (up to 300 feet) identification radio signal every 10 seconds when stationary and every second when in motion. This signal includes the status of its sensors (e.g. motion, cut or disconnected strap). Any modern smart phone or tablet can use the SafeTstrap mobile app to monitor the status of one or hundreds of on-hand straps.

Vypin SafeTstrap (Photo: Vypin LLC)

Vypin SafeTstrap (Photo: Vypin LLC)

The SafeTstrap system supports a wide variety of applications ranging from home firearm safety to large military armory management. It is ideal for retail outlets providing minute-by-minute inventory and security. The system can also help the retailer with tracking customer interest, even linking with promotions. Additional applications include police firearm evidence tracking and gun show security. Firearm manufacturers can use the SafeTstrap for complete chain of custody throughout the supply chain.

SafeTstraps will initially be sold as part of a packaged solution, with very little set-up needed. The solution will be powered by the Intel NUC, a powerful four-by-four-inch local cloud server appliance. The Intel NUC will take inventory every 10 seconds, while providing around the clock security monitoring. An anomaly alert system then sends out instant notification via text message and/or local alarms. The NUC can optionally roll up data to regional and national cloud databases. "We are pleased to see Vypin leading the way with a creative, IoT solution for providing continuous, real-time feedback and tracking," notes Joel Christensen, General Manager, Intel NUC. "The latest 7th gen NUC is ideal for this class of demanding applications."

Vypin will be debuting the SafeTstrap solution at the NSSF SHOT Show in Las Vegas in January with solution deliveries targeted for late first quarter.

More information is available at www.vypin.com.