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President Trump on Tuesday presented the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor to 12 "great heroes" who risked "their lives to protect America's citizens and communities."

The award is the highest national honor a public safety officer — local police, fire department, sheriff's officers and rescue personnel — can receive, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Officers who went "above and beyond the call of duty" in various emergency situations to protect human life received the honors from the president, including those who jumped into action during a terror attack more than two years ago, Fox News reports.

The officers honored included six law enforcement officers who responded to the San Bernardino, CA, terror attack that killed 14 people in December 2015 San Bernadino, California.

* Cpl. Rafael Ixco, San Bernadino Sheriff's Department

* Det. Bruce Southworth, San Bernadino Sheriff's Department

* Deputy Shaun Wallen, San Bernadino Sheriff's Department

* Det. Brian Olvera, San Bernadino Police Department

* District Attorney Investigator Chad Johnson, San Bernadino County District Attorney's Office

* Officer Nicholas Koahou, Redlands Police Department

Here's a list of the other law enforcement officers who were honored.

Lt. William Buchanan, Avery County (NC) Sheriff's Office for rescuing a man from a burning vehicle.

Chief Douglas Schroeder, Hesston (KS) Police Department, for responding alone to an active shooter at a business. Schroeder shot and killed the gunman.

Patrolman Andrew Hopfensperger, Jr., Antigo (WI) Police Department, for response to an active shooter at a high school dance. The gunman shot and wounded two students outside the building, and was shot and killed by Hopfensperger.

Three firefighters were also honored.