FN America, LLC, today announced the launch of a completely redesigned, responsive corporate website. The website will provide a streamlined and intuitive environment for FN's customers to locate product information, company updates, and much more.

"In 2016, we executed a global rebranding effort to better tell FN's story. We want our customers to know that FN currently supplies the majority of the U.S. military's small arms and applies the same level of pride, craftsmanship, and quality control standards to all of our firearms. Whether they are used to defend our nation's freedom on the battlefield or to protect our personal freedoms here on the home front, FN builds the world's most battle-proven firearms," said Tom Scott, director of marketing for FN America, LLC. "The new website is a critical component of our brand strategy and what customers will notice immediately is the ability to easily navigate to their ideal firearm or area of interest."

At first glance, visitors to the site will recognize the company's most legendary military firearms like the FN SCAR, FN Five-seveN, or FN M249 SAW, which will lead them to discover consumer firearms built to those same exacting standards and available for them to own. Visitors can also visit the 'Why buy FN?' page to see what sets FN apart from other firearms manufacturers in the industry, learn which FN products are currently under U.S. military contracts, and about FN's commitment to quality and skilled craftsmanship.

Additionally, natural end user categorizations like concealed carry, tactical, home defense, competition, military and law enforcement firearms and accessories have been incorporated, making product information easily navigable and accessible. Within each product page are full, complete product specifications, image gallery with 360-degree image rotation, as well as related products. 

To experience all of the new features, visit www.fnamerica.com