Vertx, a tactical and outdoor brand of apparel and gear, has announced the launch of VaporCore powered by 37.5 Active Particle Technology. VaporCore denotes the inclusion of 37.5 Active Particle Technology in a variety of new, existing, and future products. This technology is utilized solely by Vertx in the public safety market, according to the company.

37.5 Technology has been scientifically proven to increase performance, comfort, and stamina regardless of the operational environment, according to the company. In essence, it keeps active individuals cool when your body needs to be cool, and warm when your body needs warmth — all while keeping you dry.

VaporCore, with 37.5 technology embedded within fabric, provides a number of specific benefits for active professionals. It works to keep the optimum relative humidity of the body's microclimate in order to maintainan ideal core temperature, enabling increased and sustained performance. Vertx products made with VaporCore are designed to dry up to five times faster than similar fabrics, diminishing wet cling. Additionally, VaporCore with 37.5 technology is made with naturally derived materials so there are no harsh chemicals to irritate your skin and the active particles are permanently embedded into yarn and will never wash out or degrade. It also traps odors within the particles which then wash out and refresh.

"As a brand that builds products specifically for prepared professionals in law enforcement, military and other tactical roles, it's imperative that we have products that actually improve performance," says Darrell Morrow, Vice President of Vertx. "VaporCore sets us apart in the tactical market by offering not just a new product design, but includes 37.5 technology, which has been scientifically proven to increase performance and keep professionals comfortable and functional in a number of harsh environments."

Vertx products that currently include VaporCore are the Concealed Carry Speed Shirt, the body of the RECON Combat Shirt and the Integrity Shell. Additionally, a number of new products in development will be released in 2017 with the inclusion of VaporCore.

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