Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has vetoed a bill that would have tried to stop the quick release of the names of any police officers involved in a shooting or other use-of-force incident that resulted in death or serious injury, reports the Patriot-News.

Rep. Martina White's bill - introduced last year - started as a reaction to former Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey's policy of immediately naming cops involved in most police-involved shootings.

The city's Fraternal Order of Police had argued Ramsey's policy put the officers and their families in danger.

White's bill, which in most cases sought to create a cooling off period by delaying the identification of any involved officers for at least 30 days, passed both the state House and Senate in October with big majorities.

Under its terms, the involved officer's name would have to be released at the end of any investigation if they were charged with any criminal offense.

In Pennsylvania, police chiefs and prosecutors currently use their own discretion in releasing their officers' names.