StrongSuit Inc., manufacturer of law enforcement and tactical gloves, is partnering with the Pennsylvania State Police to outfit its officers with StrongSuit's Defender glove to protect them during patrol at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in July. Two hundred officers from this unit will be on patrol during the DNC and they will be utilizing the Defender glove to protect their hands.

The Defender is designed to provide superior hand protection in multiple environments, but be comfortable enough to wear all day. Ergonomically designed thermoform padding on the back of the hand provides protection from the fingertips down through the back of the hand.

Typical of all StrongSuit gloves, the palm is pre-curved to give the end-user a more natural feel while wearing. The thumb and the first two fingers are made of leather that has been treated to be touch screen technology compliant, so users do not have to remove their gloves to use a phone or other touch device. The final design touch is the seam on the leather palm. The seams are on the outside, versus the traditional inside seaming. This is done so the end-users do not feel the seams when they wear the Defender and can comfortably wear this glove all day long.

StrongSuit Defender gloves are available in five sizes, and are suitable for numerous uses, including SWAT patrol, crowd control, shooting, and general patrol.

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