The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund released the following statement by CEO Craig W. Floyd:

The shooting death this past Sunday of Prince George’s County (MD) Police Officer Jacai D. Colson was horrific and shocking on many levels. Just consider the facts. The attack that took Officer Colson’s life occurred at a police station on a Sunday afternoon. He was the thirteenth officer nationwide killed by gunfire in 2016—more than triple the number at this time last year. The fatal bullet was fired during a chaotic gunfight by another officer whose life will now be forever changed.

And, as hard as it is for any sane individual to understand, three brothers have now been arrested for the crime. One, it has been said, intended to die in the attack—suicide by cop it would seem. The other two brothers knew of the planned assault, helped their brother record his last will and testament, then drove him to the police station and actually stood by and filmed the deadly assault. To think that any human being could lower themselves to such depravity is simply unimaginable.

This is the fifth time this year that an ambush assault has resulted in the death of a law enforcement officer. At the current rate, these attacks against our policing professionals will outpace the numbers from 2015 and 2014 when 16 and 13 officers, respectively, were ambushed and killed. These numbers, and other anecdotal evidence, strongly point to a growing disrespect for the rule of law in our nation.

Some of these attacks have been launched by Islamic extremists or sovereign citizen types with a hatred of our government; others are being carried out by mentally deranged or cold blooded criminals who see police as the enemy. In all cases, our officers are being targeted simply because of the badge that they wear and the job that they do.

It is time for the media, our elected officials and all law abiding citizens to strongly condemn this violence directed against our protectors and help to restore respect for our laws and the brave individuals sworn to enforce them.

About the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

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