The Black Lives Matter movement has released a detailed list of specific proposals for changing the operations of American law enforcement.

The comprehensive set of policy demands on the federal and state level introduced by Black Lives Matter activists on Friday, named Campaign Zero, comes after months of discussions with protesters from across the country and was informed by the recommendations of President Barack Obama's Task Force on 21st Century Policing. One of the members of Campaign Zero's planning team, Brittany Packnett, was actually a member of the presidential task force as well as Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon's (D) Ferguson Commission, Huffington Post reports.

Many of Campaign Zero's proposals -- including body cameras, better training, and community oversight -- enjoy broad support from the American public at large and many law enforcement leaders. Just this week, in fact, Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) issued a study suggesting that the way police officers use force needs to "change dramatically," and that many controversial police shootings -- even if legally justified -- could have been avoided.