Vitronic is launching what it calls the next generation in automated traffic enforcement. The company's new PoliScan FM1, for fixed and mobile deployment, is a measuring and documentation device that can be applied to a variety of enforcement scenarios. Its advanced lidar tracking technology continuously monitors up to six lanes, creating a real-time image of the traffic situation.

The PoliScan FM1 allows authorities to detect a range of dangerous driving behaviors that cause the majority of serious accidents, including speeding (both spot and point-to-point measurements), red light offenses, tailgating, and the illegal use of individual lanes. The PoliScan FM1 can perform many of these applications simultaneously and from one site, which the company says significantly reduces the amount of road-side infrastructure necessary for comprehensive traffic enforcement.

PoliScan FM1 has a new, light, and compact design. For speed enforcement, it can be deployed both in fixed and mobile operation. All necessary sensor and documentation technology is contained within a single unit. Operators can simply detach the unit from a fixed housing and install it into a patrol car or on a tripod without the need for any additional casings or racks. A color touch display on the rear of the measuring unit offers easy and intuitive access to information about system status and the running enforcement session. In addition, PoliScan FM1 is delivered with new control software that assists the operator during setup and automatically adapts the system to traffic flow. Once PoliScan FM1 is set up, the enforcement session is fully automatic and does not require an operator.

The PoliScan FM1 is now available.