Photo: H Henriksen AS

Photo: H Henriksen AS

A new ladder system has been developed by the REBS division of H Henriksen AS of Norway to provide an effective means of rapid access for police, special forces, and military applications. Manufactured from carbon fiber using the latest high-strength molding techniques, the CML (Carbon Multi Ladder) can be quickly and quietly assembled from 90cm sections to create a wide, stable ladder.

Up to six 90cm ladder sections can be easily transported in silence by one operative using a backpack designed specifically for the purpose by REBS. Once at the assault point, the sections can be assembled rapidly by using the REBS unique locking system that is built into each section to create a ladder up to 4.5 meters long. Because the locking mechanism is combined with the precision manufacture of the carbon fiber elements the assembled ladder is robust and durable. It can be used for conventional ascent and descent or as a bridge to enable movement between buildings or structures. This is made possible by quickly fitting a Dyneema rope bracing cable and strut that adds exceptional strength to the assembly which, even when at its maximum assembly size, still weighs only 13kg. With the bracing cable in place, a CML ladder can be used to bridge gaps up to 5.4 meters wide and traversed by assault team members and equipment weighing over 100kg.

When it is needed for maritime assault operations and in some urban situations where the ladder cannot be leaned against a wall, the CML can also be fitted with a choice of high strength, lightweight hooks. These enable it to be hooked over a rail or parapet and, if required, any length of wide wire rope ladder can also be added to the bottom to create a more flexible tool, which is particularly useful for maritime boarding operations.

An additional benefit is that two CML sections locked together can also be used to create a stretcher for the evacuation of personnel from combat situations. This is facilitated by the inclusion of four stretcher handles in the ladder’s accessory kit so this important item of equipment can become available in moments if it is needed. It also includes an integrated harness that enables a casualty to be lifted for helicopter transportation.

With each rung of the CML ladder being 45cm wide it ensures a solid and stable placement and permits rapid and safe ascent by heavily laden personnel. A non-slip finish provides users with a secure grip in all weathers so it can be used quickly and with confidence in high-stress assault operations. Despite its potential length, an assembled ladder can be easily picked up and maneuvred by one person and silently moved to an onward location if required.

The new CML ladder is the latest addition to the range of ladders and climbing systems from REBS, which is a business division of H Henriksen AS. REBS (Rapid Entry and Boarding Systems) products have all been developed specifically to meet the needs of military and law enforcement personnel who may need access to a building, ship, or offshore structure in a combat or law enforcement situation. Products include a variety of lightweight hook ladders, ascent devices, grapnel launchers, and wire rope ladders that can be used for gaining safe and rapid access to difficult locations under a wide variety of circumstances. Each item is manufactured to high Scandinavian design and engineering standards and with strict metallurgical control to ensure a dependable product that will not fail when lives may depend upon it.

Other divisions within H Henriksen AS include Henriksen Hooks, which manufactures high specification safety boat release hooks for marine applications, and SPILLRECS, which manufactures oil spill recovery systems. The Henriksen Maritime division designs and builds specialist equipment such as launching systems for unmanned autonomous vehicles.

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