Baltimore police officers on Tuesday disarmed a man who brought a loaded handgun into a police station claiming that Black Guerrilla Family gang members had put him up to it, reports the Carroll County Times.

The man, 29, walked into the Northeastern District station Tuesday morning smelling of marijuana, police said. Officers searched the man and found a loaded .22 caliber handgun with a bullet in the chamber and drugs, they said. When questioned, the man told officers that he had been ordered by BGF command to walk into a police district with the gun and drugs to test police security.

"We're really lucky for a person to walk into a police station fully armed and loaded with drugs on him that we didn't end up in a terrible situation," Baltimore police Commissioner Anthony W. Batts said.

According to WBAL-TV, Batts has called the incident alarming. He is so concerned about the incident that he's ordering security changes throughout the department and is calling a meeting of other agency chiefs over the next few days.

"An organized gang in the city of Baltimore sent an armed suspect into our building to see our security, to test our security. That is alarming to us, to me. I am going to send a message that we are not going to cower, we're not going to back down," Batts said.