VIDEO: Is a New Mexico Police Station Haunted?

In surveillance video taken last weekend outside the Espanola (N.M.) Police Station, a foggy image resembling a human is seen walking through a heavily secured parking lot, and through a locked gate.

The spooky image immediately got the attention of Officer Karl Romero who was on duty and watching the camera's feed on the night it was filmed.

KOAT Detective Solomon Romero points to the locked gate that the image appears to float through on camera.

"At first I thought it was a fly, a moth and then I saw the legs and it was a human," he insisted to KOAT TV Albuquerque.

Detective Solomon Romero seconded his belief.

"A lot of our officers have seen certain things. Some of our officers have felt what appears to be someone breathing down their neck as they're working on reports in the briefing room," he told the station.