The 2013 Connecticut SWAT Challenge will feature Lenco's BearCat G3 armored vehicle at the tactical competition scheduled for Aug. 20-22 and hosted by the West Hartford Police Department.

Lenco Industries, the exclusive sponsor of the event, is providing a BearCat G3 for several events. The vehicle offers off-road capability with standard all-wheel drive and high ground clearance. Its open floor plan with dual A/C and heating can comfortably accommodate a fully-equipped 10 to 12-man tactical team.

The G3 also features high-quality safety features such as mil-spec steel armor plating certified to defeat multiple-hit attacks from 7.62 armor-piercing or .50-caliber BMG rounds. The vehicle's ceilings and floors provide enhanced blast and fragmentation protection, and ballistic glass windows offer multiple-hit defeat and superior clarity.

At the competition, Lenco will display a four-door variant that offers five entry and egress points on the vehicle. This functionality greatly enhances tactical response and rescue capabilities in tight urban settings and active shooter scenarios. In addition, this BearCat G3 features Lenco's hydraulic ram, explosive gas and radiation detection packages, thermal image and color camera, on-board SCBA breathing system, and a host of lighting and communication features.