The fleet manager of the new Camden County (N.J.) Police Department allegedly posed as a police officer to stop a pedestrian and rob him using a police badge, radio, and agency vehicle.

Richard Dayton, a civilian employee, retired from active duty police work for the now-defunct Camden Police Department. He has been collecting a disability pension since he retired n 2005.

Dayton allegedly used a police badge and radio to pose as a police officer and stop a pedestrian on Aug. 20. He allegedly showed the pedestrian the badge and took his money before driving away in an agency pickup truck, according to the Camden County Prosector's Office.

When the victim reported the robbery to police, officers retrieved video that corroborated with the victim's account and identified Dayton as the suspect. Law enforcement received information that he may be responsible for similar incidents within the past week. An investigation is ongoing.

Dayton was suspended without pay from his job with the intent to dismiss, pending the resolution of the accusations. He was charged with second-degree robbery and official misconduct on Aug. 21 and held on $50,000 bail.