VIDEO: Citizen Captures Cruiser Crash In Capitol Chase

A bystander captured raw cell-phone footage of a U.S. Capitol Police officer striking a barrier near Capitol Hill during a deadly Oct. 3 pursuit.

The video shows a patrol car slamming into the barrier and skidding out. The officers in the vehicle were not seriously injured, reports NBC News.

In other news, two Capitol Police officers have been taken off the street until the Metro (D.C.) Police Department wraps up its investigation of the deadly chase.

The agency has not confirmed whether the officers have been suspended, reports The Guardian.

The news comes as family members of Miriam Carey, 34, disputed media reports that their sister was mentally ill. Law enforcement sources had told media outlets that Carey suffered from depression and believed President Obama arranged to have her Connecticut home electronically monitored.

Carey was shot and killed after a chain of events that began when she rammed a White House barrier with a leased black Infiniti. She then led officers on a pursuit toward Capitol Hill with her 19-month-old daughter in the car. She was reportedly shot and killed by officers after crashing the car and attempting to flee.