Photo courtesy of Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Photo courtesy of Tennessee Highway Patrol.

A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper died in an icy wreck Friday that also involved a firetruck flipping over onto the trooper's cruiser, the agency announced.

Trooper Michael Slagle, 53, lost control of his patrol car on Longmeyer Road in Knox County in eastern Tennessee shortly before 7 a.m. while driving to work.

The 26-year veteran called for help. A Rural/Metro fire truck lost control in the same location and flipped over onto the patrol car with the trooper still inside, reports WATE.

He was discovered unresponsive and was unable to be revived at the scene. The agency reported he died of natural causes after reportedly suffering a heart attack.

"Trooper Slagle was a model trooper and a good man," Colonel Tracy Trott said. "It is a very sad day for our highway patrol family and all who knew Michael."

Trooper Slagle was assigned to the state Supreme Court detail in Knox County. Trooper Slagle became a field training officer in 2000. In addition to his duties as a state trooper, he also helped provide security for the University of Tennessee marching band in 2003.

Prior to becoming a state trooper, Trooper Slagle served as a sheriff's deputy for the Grainger County Sheriff's Office from 1978-1985. He is survived by a wife and daughter.