The Spirit of Blue Foundation announced today that Magpul Industries is officially joining the Spirit of Blue Campaign as a Safety Grant Sponsor.  Magpul is a market leader in AR-style rifle components and accessories, including their PMAG magazine.

"As a former full-time sheriff's deputy and patrol officer, I'm excited to be involved with the Spirit of Blue Campaign," said Drake Clark, Magpul's director of business development. "The support of our country's men and women in blue has been a continued priority of Magpul's over the years. Magpul is dedicated to designing and manufacturing premier products exceeding the expectations of today's law enforcement professionals."

As partners, Magpul will promote the sale of the Spirit of Blue's blue-ribbon holiday wreath honoring and benefiting the law enforcement community.  Consumers who purchase the product during the campaign will be allowed to select which non-profit they would like to see benefited from the sale and the foundation will donate a portion of the proceeds accordingly.

At the same time, consumers will be asked to nominate a law enforcement agency that they would like to be considered to receive a safety grant award. At the end of the campaign, the Spirit of Blue Safety Grant Program randomly selects nominated law enforcement agencies to receive a safety grant award. The safety grants will be redeemable exclusively through the consortium of Safety Grant Partners made up of law enforcement equipment brands such as Magpul.

"Patrol rifles are the type of tools that can be enhanced at any time throughout their lifecycle," said Ryan T. Smith, vice chairman of the Spirit of Blue Foundation. "Magpul has created an innovative range of accessories and components for the AR-15 platform, primarily, as well as other weapon systems."

Smith added, "As a brand, Magpul connects with their consumers more closely than most in the industry. They generate a level of excitement and relevance that most brands dream about. Their consumers are people who are hyper-passionate about their sport and are either involved in law enforcement or stand proudly behind those who fulfill that role. Having Magpul as a partner in the Spirit of Blue Campaign is a tremendous boost to the public awareness efforts we are undertaking and the support we are raising to honor and benefit the law enforcement community."

The wreaths are available for purchase through Dec. 19 and winners of safety grants will be announced in early February 2012. To learn more about the Spirit of Blue campaign, or to order a Spirit of Blue wreath visit the campaign Website.

Five non-profit organizations actively supporting the law enforcement community have already teamed up with the Spirit of Blue Foundation for the 2011 holiday campaign that launched in October. Those organizations—The National Troopers Coalition, Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association, National Sheriff's Association, Chicago Police Memorial Foundation, and the Jeffrey S. Parola Foundation—represent roughly 125,000 officers, deputies and agents nationwide.