The Coalition for Tactical Medicine announces the receipt of a generous donation from Combat Medical Systems (CMS), a distributor of tactical medical care products.

The nonprofit Coalition for Tactical Medicine started in April 2009 with the launch of their Web site and blog followed by a CTM board of directors meeting in San Antonio, Texas. CTM's mission is to strengthen the lifesaving capabilities of tactical medical responders worldwide.

Their success so far has come from being a much-needed catalyst for unifying complex, evolving, tactical medical communities including military and civilian first responders (EMS, Law Enforcement, SWAT, etc.), related medical professionals, universities, national preparedness experts, US government entities, instructors and training facilities, tactical medical product distributors and developers, and other associated non-profits.

"We have seen CTM gain strong national and international interest from key organizations, agencies, corporations and individuals," according to CMS President Corey Russ and CTM board member. "Tactical medical communities are looking to CTM to bring them together and our continued support is as a result of the ongoing belief that-by unifying and strengthening tactical medical groups on multiple levels- lives will be saved."

CMS has been an avid supporter from the beginning providing substantial seed money to help establish CTM's website and blog and bring together a first-class board of directors comprised of industry experts including Jessica Perkins, Nelson Tang, Richard Clinchy, Karl Plitt, Anne McKeague, David Davis, John Croushorn and Steve Giebner.

Awareness continues to build for the non-profit as CTM forms their strong membership base and becomes a place first responders and tactical medical professionals can go for potentially lifesaving news and information via CTM's website and free registration blog MEDMASH moderated by Ted Westmoreland, a retired Army Special Forces soldier and tactical medical trainer.

CTM presently works on researching avenues for achieving their mission as well as developing and building awareness for the cause. Their initial goal will be to provide scholarship funds for people seeking effective tactical medical training and education by raising funds through corporate, grant and foundation, government and individual donations.