Glock's G26 (9mm) and G27 (.40 caliber) Gen4 pistols are now available, the Smyrna, Ga., firearms maker announced today.

The availability of the new pistols brings the total new Glock Gen4 pistols now available two eight with the remaining three (G21, G34, and G35) rolling out later this year.

The Gen4 pistols advance from the third-generation Glocks in both the ergonomics and operation of the firearm.

The Gen4's smaller starting grip size accomodates smaller hands, allowing for the addition of snap-on straps for larger hand sizes. The grip's new Rough Textured Frame (RTF) surface enhances grip traction, offering three options — a short-frame version, medium frame or large frame easily changed and secured with a single pin. The trigger mechanism housing has also been adapted to fit in the smaller-sized grip space.

The magazine-release catches are also significantly enlarged and reversible for left-handed shooters. To utilize the swappable magazine release feature, the Gen4 magazines have two notches cut on both sides of the magazine's body, allowing users to switch access of the catch to the left or right side of the pistol without additional parts.

Internally, the original recoil spring has been replaced with a dual recoil spring assembly, which noticeably reduces the recoil while simultaneously increasing the life cycle of the part. The slide and barrel shelf have been resized due to the larger diameter of the spring assembly. The front portion of the polymer frame under the slide has also been widened and enlarged internally in order to accommodate the dual assembly.

"The new Gen4 models are just another step in Glock Inc.'s commitment to producing the best firearm for U.S. law enforcement, military and the law-abiding citizen," said Gary Fletcher, Glock's vice president.

Glock unveiled its Gen4 line at SHOT Show 2010, and first shipped the G22 (.40 caliber) and G17 (9mm). Glock shipped the G19 and G23 in August. Glock has been rolling out Gen4 versions of its pistols, announcing at SHOT Show 2011 it will ship the final pistols in the line - the G21 (.45 ACP) and G34 (9mm) - later this year.


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